A Container's Liquid.

"Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning." - Author Unknown.

I came along and decided to try...


Love is a liquid.
And you find it a container.
You’ll probably like it.
And you’ll probably not.
Maybe you’ll find another.
And maybe you won’t.
Perhaps you’ll wait a little.
Perhaps you’ll wait not at all.

Love is many things, nothing and some other things.
Yet most of all, it’s a search for a container.
Not the perfect one.
Not the best one.
But one that you like enough.
One that you trust enough.
How much is enough?
I don’t know.
Perchance one day you’ll tell me.
Or one day I’ll tell you.
Either way, it’s a container we seek to find.
And find we may never.
But seek we shall, at some point, in some time.

What’s in a container, you ask?
A liquid, I reply.