Tatters and Rags #1

So, as you can see, yes, I did change my template again.

I can’t help it; I go all gaga when I see a new template.

And look, it’s all pretty, that you just want to caress it, in a very platonic way.

But I also like the previous on too :(

And therein lays my dilemma.

Which, my fellow readers, do you like best-est?

Apart from that…what was I going to say?

Oh yes. I’ve decided to make a category of posts called ‘Tatters and Rags’, where I would put together the splints and wisps of my thoughts to constitute an awesome filled ramble for you to read.

And so begins Tatters and Rags #1:

I am listening to sick guitar solos, and dying peacefully.

I swear, they are SO incredibly awesome, that you could just sink into them and wait for the apocalypse, with a 'no boredom guaranteed' warranty.

Sexiest shit ever, guitars. *Dreamy look*.

They own, in every possible way there is to own, and then some.

They own, like it’s nobody’s business.

They just own, okay?

So I’m currently happily Facebooking, and holyshit: they’re really all kinds of creatures in the vast space outside, called earth.

I mean nothing says variety like Facebook. Really.

You see them all.

The ones whom you might as well live with, because they insist on telling you what they are doing all the time.

The ones that keep forcing you to be exploited to disgusting lamenting romance songs sung by hillbilly High school dropout bimbos.

The retards with the ‘gangsta’ statuses: ‘Ama go bang bang, aiight?’.

Pft, you should go die die, aiigh?

And the corny couples that keep writing disgusting stuff, all overfilled with hearts and gay endearing words, that could make honey melt.

Sheesh, just ‘cause you signed up for stickiness a-la- carte, doesn’t mean we have to endure it too, yeah?

And they’re all such small people, they should do themselves a favor and just die, you know?

It’s for the better of the planet, and things beyond the planet, even. Heh.

But no, they continue living anyway. Because even if you did tell them that they suck more than Lady Gaga’s hair, hell entire 'iconic' figure soaked in neon pink paint, and then decorated with yellow glitter, they would still exist, if for nothing else than to plague you.

Lady Gaga should die too, did I mention that?

She’s like a cross section between a small time Chinese noodle -seller and a Korean French-wannabe. ‘Ga ga oh la la.’

I tell you, the world is not okay.

The world will never be okay.

5 Response to "Tatters and Rags #1"

  • frogman Says:

    i'm loving the new tatters and rags theme.. I like this theme, the grey headers and footers is very soothing but in a metallic/modern kinda way..

    facebook... don't get me started on facebook.. thankfully, i only have one of those sickening couples on my facebook who keep writing sh*t to each other on freaking facebook, for the whole world to see how much they love each other..

    seriously, we should start compiling a list of people/things/themes that should just die..

    i hate saturdays..

  • Sana H. Says:

    LOL. Create a twitter account, and then facebook will be heaven for you.

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    Froggie: The opinion is much appreciated :D I like this template one too, for the same 'soothing' effect it has. But, we shall see!

    May God have mercy on us from these paragons of PDA couples :/
    Ugh, such goo they leave everywhere!

    We should make that list! But I fear, that it would be quite infinite.

    I'm not a fan of Saturdays either, but this one is all under the 'Spring Break' category so I don't mind this one at all.

    Tell me again next Saturday...

    Sana H.: Twitter is a big no no for me :O It's where I draw the line!
    Otherwise, my sanity will never be preserved :P

  • vinnie Says:

    Hehe okay few points
    1- IMHO I like the old theme better... all the funky arrows pointing to stuff.. I found it entertaining

    2- Hell Ya Guitar Solos and well guitars OWN, no they pwn, they ZOMGPWNn00bFace... "Playing the radical guitar solo from Bill n Ted" Indeed I play rock/heavy metal guitar and I pwn face

    3- You should learn to relax n ignore such such annoying stuff. You need to chill, roll a J or twist a doob or w/e :P

    4- Tatters n Rags.. dont u mean Rants? Or is this different? If so enlihten me ;)

    Just Carpe Diem Baby

  • super-sonic Says:


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