In and out of the blue, that’s all I’ll ever be to you.

So I've been on hiatus for like...a while.

But hey, it's my blog, so I can do whatever I want. Hmph.

Yeah, that's right. *sticks tongue out*. It's my stuff.

Anyway, so with the passing of that childish moment, I shall continue.


Its musical beats traveled ever so harmoniously together. A synchronized dance, really - never once did the beat falter, never once did the tune drop.

An invisible composer, one would think.

But the notion is then denied, as the perfection of its song registers.

It surrounds its victim; like a siren, ensnares, and latches on

But the melody is ever so soft, the tune ever so mystic.

It sings of wants not given into, records not yet played, and deeds not to be made.

It whispers of hope.

A crescendo.

It drums with the beat of a tomorrow - your tomorrow; my tomorrow; their tomorrow.

A tomorrow so artfully designed, in the separate clandestine layer of yearning of the billions.

A layer so thoroughly fortified. Yet its loudness, ever overwhelming, mocks those feeble safeguards.

Its loudness breaks the chains, crushes the locks, and rumples the ‘Do No Enter’ signs.

The music engulfing, takes over.

It laughs at how easy it is, to overpower; at how easy it is to unravel the holding back.

A decrescendo.

A lulling caress.

An invisible enticement calling out every so softly, and yet so lucidly.

Still, it holds on ‘till there’s nothing but the refrain; that jeering chorus, a constant reminder of the capitulation: ‘In and

out of the blue, that’s all I’ll ever be to you.’

But you knew that. Yet you gave in anyway, because you learned a long time ago, that there’s no escape. For it always takes over - always wins.

4 Response to "In and out of the blue, that’s all I’ll ever be to you."

  • Dalal Says:

    Ahh, perfection as always! Your writing never ceases to blow me away, mashalla. It tugs on my nonexistent heartstrings :( It creates heartstrings to tug on!

    Miss you x

    I put a gay "x". That's how much I miss you. You know, 'cause I don't use them otherwise *cough*

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    Thank you :)
    Haha, now I'm just grinning like an idiot at the screen.

    Loony of me, but meh.

    I miss you face too! You're all leaving :( Eh.
    Slouchy started, and now you're all following suit.

    Haha! It's okay, I will consider your x's different species, and will not put them under my overflowing category of 'the gay and stuff'.

  • Dalal Says:

    I came back, though!

    -whispers- click on my name.

    I have a feeling I'm gonna turn into you with the whole "changing templates every two days" thing. No more hiatuses, lady!

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    :O !

    It's okay, you can say it, I've long over come the shame: I'm a template harlot. And you are always welcome to my brothel.

    Yes, yes, hopefully no more hiatuses.

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