The Boxer Effect.

Why hello fellow earthlings that are way too cool to be on earth.

About time for that new planet to appear and whisk us all away with its magical forces, eh?


So I was sitting in my overrated, life-sucking, death-advancing, sanity-stripping, soul-deteriorating, time and space –consuming eleven o’clock class.

The walls are white, the tables are white. The ceiling is white. The tiles are white. The professor’s hair is white. Surprisingly though, the chairs are black. Talk about spur of the moment. Heh.

My location? Second row to the right.


'Cause I always sit in the middle row, 'cause I'm cool like that.

Nah. Its ‘cause in the third row, I wouldn’t think twice about falling asleep - to hell with decorum.

And first row. Well, first row is divided into two parts.

First row left is saved for that special class of people who nod when the professor is talking and smile when he cracks a joke that is lame’s long lost ancestor and think no one can see them. Little do they know.

First row right is saved for the imbeciles enough to show up very late.

Such detail, you say.
I like detail, so sue me. Hmph!

The row in front of me fills out to be an all testosterone infested row.

So I sit, well more like wiggle around in my chair, to try and find that comfort zone. It doesn’t work, and I end up squirming like I have to pee the whole way through class. It’s not my fault the chairs are so hard!

I think they should adopt beanie bags, and screw ass-flattening chairs!

The lecture starts, and I can hear bits and pieces….

Then fifteen minutes into it, my brain and ears just give way… and my eyes starts absorbing petty detail like how many lights there are in the classroom (12) and how many dots on each tile of the ceiling (45).

I then look in front of me, and I’m blinded by an entire row of boxers surfacing to inhale fresh air. All colors, and sizes. I'm assuming boxers have one standard look/shape. If not, well...I don’t know ;( . Anyway... so a whole row of boxers! Imagine that.

If I was any different, I’d blush and look away. Sadly, I’m not.

Instead, I realized that pubescent boys or ‘men’ (I believe that’s what they go by these days, correct me if I’m wrong), find, with great zeal, the concept of a shred of their boxers flowing out a very capital sex on stick idea.

Apparently their asses need to breathe? Meh.

And then, I get this idea, and it makes me all jumpy.

I’ll share I’ll share- I swear.

Here goes:

Imagine they have jokes (yes, little Timmy ones included), or little puzzles at the back of each pair of boxers?

I for one, would find myself forever entertained!

I mean, the boxer sticks out it's just efficient use of material!

As a result, when you look at someone's boxers you are no longer disgusted, but want to fixate them till you can coherently read the puzzle/joke.

And if they’ve got the right goods, in the correct proportions, you can check out their ass sans getting caught in flagrante delicto, and maybe ask them for the answer?

And thus concludes the Boxer Effect :)

11 Response to "The Boxer Effect."

  • super-sonic Says:

    LOOOOL .. they could probably turn it into an advertising space for corporate companies too and make money out of it :0
    WHY NOT?.. hmm
    very spot on the details ..
    Please post 'a thong effect' and all theories surrounding it how interesting would that be! (:

  • fettucinii Says:

    HAH! Loved the post, i have no idea why, but yeah.
    Sometimes, when the guys hot and has the right body and a nice ass, and the boxer shows- kinda sexy? no? okay.

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    super-sonic: They could =O. Talk about entrepreneurial skills, eh? ;). Exactly my point, why not?
    As to the 'Thong Effect', can't promise you anything. It is so dingy its sucks out all creativity. They were very intent on its purpose that piece of material :/

    Sounds like you have your own theories? Care to share? Pretty please, with a cherry on top? Yeah? It'll be all hush hush if you want!

    fettucinii: Haha! I guess this post loves you too? Yeah, yeah, absolutely! When they have nice proportions and the right good...everything is sexy to look at :P

  • Starlight<3 Says:

    Loved the post, it made me laugh.

    They really should put your theory into practice, I'd find it a lot more interesting to look up and be greeted by a pair of boxers rather than mortified :p


  • Carpe Diem Says:

    Haha, thank you!

    I think they should put it into practice too!
    If they don't, want to team up in the future and ensure its success? Yes? No? Maybe? Fine :P

  • ❛❛Heroine❜❜ Says:

    I could not for the life of me read this with a straight face -.- (mainly 'cause I pictured the guys at your uni)

    Maybe, MAYBE, if we were in a D&G underwear photo shoot? Mmm, yes, then that would be more than acceptable!

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    Dude, disturbing images - the boxers of the guys at my Uni! *sigh*, the things I have to deal with on a daily basis!

    Well, a D&G undies photo shoot is a piece of heaven. Nobody minds those!I sure as hell don't!
    Lets go together someday, yeah?

  • frogman Says:

    although this is by far the most genius use i have ever heard for the back of boxers.. i fear that once you start utilizing the "boxer-back-space"(?) it will very soon turn into something ugly and disturbing like custom made boxers with phone numbers on them..

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    Froggie! Long time no see? Eh.
    Hiding out in the pond way too much lately!

    Haha @ 'boxer-back-space' I like, I like.

    LOL. I could just imagine, we'd revert from having tissues 'subtly' thrown at us, to a directory boxer. *sigh*.

    If this effect takes place - copyrighted and all - I will specify to go forgo custom made. Yeah?

  • Phlash. Says:

    First, Love the concept.
    Secondly, I agree on the chairs thing! I've started bringing a pillow with me to class so my butt can sit restfully on those demented chairs. I mean, you don't expect us to be seated for over an hour in those things, right? (Yeah, I've got complaints about the pillow already ;c)
    Thirdly, haha what an Idea about the little games in the back of boxers, and its soo true! Every guy has atleast a tiny peice of his colorful underwear sticking out, why not make use of it? haha I'm loving the blog; and I think I'm turning into an immediate fan :] Ps; This is the frst post I read;o
    Truly yours, x

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    Why hello there and welcome I guess?
    Thank you! The chairs needs immediate replacement. Soon enough, the concept of booties will be gone, and in its place we'll all have iron board asses. Hmm, pillow...I shall consider!

    Efficient use of boxer space is indeed key.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of the posts equally :)

    I'd say more things, but I'm very brain dead, so that about sums it all.

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