The Turning of A Decade.

Being the last day of 2009, and whatnot, I thought I should write something. Just so that it would show up on my archives.

And you know...
Just to sort of make it look like I am an ever fervent blogger. *Rolls eyes*. As if.

And I really really want to say something meaningful.
But meaningful seems so hard right now.

Nevertheless, I shall try.

So 365 days passed, just like that.
Just like last year this time, another set of 365 days passed.
And it seems every year we re-sit this scenario, and we feel burdened by the weight of all those days.

To be honest?
I don’t feel in the least burdened.
I just want to sleep.
Pounding headache.
Too bad sleep is ever elusive these days.

Anyway, as I sit here, typing ever so meticulously, I can’t help but noticed the soreness of my fingers from replying to the overflow of “Happy New Year” messages, and wait for it: the phone calls =/

Ahh, now that that’s all dispensed with… I feel my inner calm resurfacing.

So where was I?
Yes, 365 days...
Can you imagine?
Three hundred and sixty five days.
300 + 60 + 5

That’s like … a lot of days.

Yet, we’ve managed to plow through them, in hopes of plowing through a new set of 365 days.
So, honestly? I think 2009, and I come up blank.
And then I think 2009 again, and small things come into focus.
Those small things that make it ever so defined in its commonness.
It’s funny how I find myself at a different predicament than the one I predicted I would be in. Not better, not worse, just different.
And I guess that’s what makes reality much different from our most analytic predictions.

Here’s to new predictions.
Here’s to new joy.
Here’s to new despair.
Here’s to new events.
Here’s to new ice cream flavors.
Here’s to new awesome people that we'll meet.
Here’s to new inspiration.

Here’s to a new year....2010.

P.S I’m so going to have such a hard time writing the date. I can see it clearly: ‘Girl attacks paper: 2010, not so easy to write.’

4 Response to "The Turning of A Decade."

  • Shushu Says:

    LOvely! :)
    and happy new year!!

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    Thank you :) And you too!

  • Jester Says:

    I like to think of it more like
    52 x 5 = whatever it amounts to

    I'm saving my weekends for year 2062
    I can clearly see the headline 'Elderly demolishes the weekday phenomenon.. Saves mankind.. marries hot model..gets rich..'

    Note:man here is derived from mankind.. yada yada yada :)

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    Quite an interesting phenomena you got there.

    I can see it. The image is so lucid, that I feel a tinge of excitement for the approach of 2062 by one less year.

    Maybe, just maybe, if Hef doesn't acknowledge any of his heirs, I'll be seeing you on the front cover of his magazine say, 50 years from now ;) ?

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