Circles, Loops and Cycles.

- Can I ask you something?
- Ask away.
- Why?
- I don’t know.
- How?
- I have no clue.
- When?
- Never.
- Where?
- No where.
- I don’t like this.
- What?
- Nothing.
- Evasive are we?
- Maybe.
- Such shrewish behavior.
- I do beg you pardon?
- You asked.
- You failed to reply.
- Oh, but I did reply.
- No you didn’t.
- I’m sure that mono-syllabic jumble is hardly considered a reply.
- I see, replies have standards.
- Of course they do.
- A reply is an answer to a question, last I checked.
- Yes, but a proper reply to a question.
- Proper by whose terms?
- The person asking the question.
- That makes utterly no sense.
- Oh, and in your backwards world, it is the person answering who deems a reply proper?
- Obviously. You ask, so I answer with whatever way I deem proper.
- Rubbish.
- You sound a tab bit British for my taste.
- You have trashy written all over you from where I’m standing.
- Touche. Still, you’re digressing.
- I was doing no such thing.
- I refuse to be belittled to saying ‘was to’.
- In the same manner I refuse to say ‘was not’.
- The end?
- No.
- That’s quite the monosyllabic answer you’ve got there.
- Yes, but you asked.
- And you answered.
- Does it leave you satisfied?
- Ah, that’s an entirely different matter.
- From whose stance?
- I believe the person answering the question.
- So then, you agree there is a proper answer.
- No.
- Then?
- There is a satisfactory answer.
- Yes, the proper answer.
- No, the more appealing answer to your individual is the satisfactory answer.
- And that would make it the proper answer.
- On the contrary, that would simply make it the most satisfactory.
- A proper answer is hardly a satisfactory answer.
- A proper answer is categorized by it’s degree of providing satisfaction.
- Am I dead?
- …No.
- Is that the proper answer.
- Yes.
- Is that the most satisfying answer, to you?
- No.
- You’d rather I was dead?
- From where I’m standing, oh very much so.
- Why you ungrateful piece of ish.
- I’d choose my words more carefully, say since I’m not making any attempts on your life.
- As if you could.
- My tongue is scissor sharp.
- Sadly, that is not a weapon.
- By whose principles?
- Mine.
- And since when are those of any importance?
- You see, there is your fatal flaw.
- In your eyes.
- Of course. I vouch for only this pair of eyes.
- Such perceptive eyes they are.
- How you flatter me.
- Just tell me what my fatal flaw is.
- You’re eyeless.
- You’re looking at my eyes right now.
- Don’t be obtuse.
- Do I add a tally to the “How Many Times I’ve Been Insulted” count?
- You have one?
- I deem that question not worth an answer.
- I rather thought you did myself, but fine, we shall leave you bathing in denial as of yet.
- You’re digressing.
- Eyeless.
- Elaborate.
- Your feeling won’t get hurt?
- I’m looking for something very sharp.
- What about that tongue of yours?
- I need something slightly sharper for what I have in mind.
- I shiver.
- I don’t like this banter.
- Ah, but I think you do.
- What happened to not vouching for anyone but yourself.
- I said I vouch for what I see. And I see that you are enjoying this.
- Now, you are proving to be quite eyeless.
- See, it did hurt your feelings.
- I don’t give you that kind of hold on my feelings.
- I see.
- You do?
- Yes, quite.
- So why is it then that I’m eyeless?
- Because you think a proper answer is a satisfactory one.
- That hardly supports your empty claim.
- A proper answer is seldom a satisfactory one. At a time where they are one and the same – it’s a rare joyous time. Sometimes the proper answers that we seek we’ve heard a hundred and one times over. Yet it is our reluctance to accept them, that keeps us repeatedly asking, and always wondering in circles, loops and cycles.
- Imparting wisdom are we?
- You asked away.
- I did.
- Why?
- I don’t know.
- How?
- I have no clue.
- When?
- Never.
- Where?
- No where.

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  • Anonymous Says:

    waja3teeli rasi! but it was still entertaining ;P

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    Haha, sorry =(
    Thank you, I guess?

  • Lilo Says:

    "- Evasive are we?"

    LOL to say the least! Haha <3

    And I completely agree, a proper answer IS seldom a satisfactory one. Hmph. Loved the post, missed reading these!

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    Hello you!
    Long time, eh?

    Evasiveness is an art - and saves my life almost all the time :P

    *sigh* You've been blogsphere ressurected. Hmph.

    We need an msn-date soon, along with that other butt-cancer inducing peice of stuff :)

  • Vinnie Says:

    LoooL awesome
    I loved it
    Sounds like a Gilmore girls conversation
    Or a couple thats been together for so long and their personalities match perfectly
    Couldn't stop reading
    I’m sure that mono-syllabic jumble is hardly considered a reply.
    Just precious :)

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    Welcome welcome, fellow reader =)

    Glad you enjoyed reading the banter, for I enjoyed writing it.

    Here's to everyone finding that near-perfectly matching personality...


    Do you really speak like that?

    Or just via text?

  • Vinnie Says:

    ty ty fellow blogger :)
    Here here but :) This statement has been taunting my life
    "Butt-cancer inducing piece of stuff"
    The hell is that?

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    FUZZYBEAR: Given the right person, yes. Otherwise it's full blown and edging sarcasm :)

    Vinnie: Ah, curiosity. The drink of the soul.

    "Butt-cancer inducing piece of stuff" is an ex-blogger I know. And then she went all bleh and quit and hasn't been showing for a like a while. The last time I heard from her, she wanted to send me and Lilo butt cancer.

    And hence the nickname.

    Satisfying enough?

  • Anonymous Says:

    The butt-cancer inducing piece of stuff ex-blogger who went all bleh and quit has officially moved from Riyadh to England, which is why I've mysteriously disappeared (I haven't 'really' disappeared, you just wouldn't know cause you "don't believe in twitter", or whatever it is that your inner hipster thinks is a valid reason to not "join the masses". Actually, there's really no use of going on twitter now that I've deleted my account, so I take the micro-bitchy comment back :P). Anyways, I don't appreciate being mentioned in such a blasphemous manner, lady! You broke the FIRST shitballing rule: Never shitball the greatest shitballer that ever was... ME! Thanks to your little shitball slip-up (Or slip in? HAH! Tiny mental star: I should really stop laughing at my own jokes) I'm now a shit(Ball?)less emo prostitute with a tiny mouth and mediocre suction abilities (The horror!) who is forced to give up her whorish ways and get an (almost) decent job at a gay sushi bar (1st side note: No such thing?)(2nd side note: Secret Asian tranny brothel, naturally) and use the money to get hand-job lessons from a drugged up Welsh ex-pop star.

    ...... I guess mother was right, being a Simon-says champion has absolutely no significance whatsoever. Sad.

  • Carpe Diem Says:


    It took how many months?

    Just 'cause your ass had undergone displacement, is not excuse for you to disappear. If every displaced ass used that excuse, we'd have asses in hiding aplenty.

    Besides you told me about England, on MSN, which I might add, is a place you never frequent. I just didn't know when it would be all official and all. Ah, Blondie must be heart-brokenly broken. Meh.

    And yes, Twitter is very gay: "Please stalk me. Here stalky stalky."
    *Claps hands*. I am so proud of you for deleting your account. Maybe now your inner hobo will find peace.

    What's more with your long hibernations, you couldn't keep track of any blasphemous manners in which you're mentioned, so spare me, yeah?

    Laughing at your own jokes is completely justifiable; it's under the whole-self love constitution, Act 1, clause 3:

    "Love thy self in good and poor health, love thy self in young and old age. Love they jokes, in humor or lameness, etc"

    My my, your life has taken quite the turn: Emo prostitute with a tiny mouth (LOL @ at the suction abilities, although your mouth's size has never stopped you before *smirks*) at a gay Sushi bar. I'm really trying to imagine it all. I don't think there is suck a thing. *googles gay sushi bars*...amongst the results: "erotic sushi bar". I'd say much more to your liking, but meh.

    It doesn't really reek of reformation, this new situation of yours you know; seeing as you've kept your night job and all, in a secret Asian brothel, so, I second, yes, its all very natural.

    :O a stoned Welsh ex-pop star. How did that go? New experience, I gather.

    You really do have to tell how you ended up so. In fact, I demand that you do.
    It shall make quite the story.

    Then again, if this is all a loose figments of your imagination, because of some weed over-dosage, then -_-
    And I have nothing further to say.

  • Anonymous Says:

    Your comment is way too long, I guess I'll have to ignore most of it.

    Tweeting is addictive, I miss stalking people and addressing my (sadly) nonexisting cyber fans. I will NOT reactivate my account, though, NUUU! No worries, I'll find a way to satisfy my inner cyber-diva's ego, you'll see.

    And there's no such thing as 'weed over-dose'. Watch your self!

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    :O. Go suck on something barbie hard.
    My comment was awesomeness, and you read it all!
    Tsk, denial is bad.

    Yes yes, don't reactivate, it's very bad for you.

    Eh, you'll most likely go for Tumblr next.
    I mean you've done them all...

    I think you miss the fans most. The oh so admiring fans :)

    Weed over-dose exists, but it's debatable for the high maintenance people such as yourself.

    Do drop by more frequently, yeah?

  • Vinnie Says:

    Wow, I am so glad I asked, learned so much cool info about the background ;)
    I am w/ u all the way Carp Diem but I must disagree on one thing
    there is no such thing as weed overdose srry, I'll post you some reference

  • Carpe Diem Says:


    You SO CAN overdose on weed, despite it being the 'safest drug' what not, but human would die from smoke inhalation before actually coming close to reaching the lethal dosage.

    And you're assuming that 'The butt-cancer inducing piece of stuff ex-blogger who went all bleh' is human.

    But I know that she's not, you see. She a purple Alienazoid, with yellow polka dots.

    So she CAN overdose on weed, and that's that. Hmph.

  • vinnie Says:

    Obviously, cause u need to breathe in wayyyy over your weight to actually od on weed, and we'r talking a single hit
    but I admit my mistake, totally irrational of me to assume she's human. So if you say she can then she can ;)

    ALIENAZOID? *scratches head* kinda redundant :P

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    I like Alienazoid, it's fun to say, despite its redundancy! :P

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