Tatters and Rags #2

Justin Beiber.

Justin who?

Justin Beiber?


Justin Beiber!



You mean the baby-faced mama’s blonde boy that came out of his own ass and wasn’t breastfed long enough?

JUSTIN BEIBER: What the shit is this?

JUSTIN BEIBER: A fatal Global issue.

JUSTIN BEIBER: The near end of the world.


Justin Beiber, I dismiss you.

9 Response to "Tatters and Rags #2"

  • frogman Says:

    but but but.. doesn't Usher sponsoring him make him an automatic win???

    i laughed very hard when i first discovered him.. then i cried as i realized how close we were to the end of the world...

  • vinnie Says:

    I googled em and well... Am depressed :(

  • Anonymous Says:


    his songs are catchy though, admit it!

  • Lilo Says:

    LOL! omg, I never saw these new Tatters and Rags thingies? I like! and yeah, one of my best friends is in love with him. Mhm, you read right. To quote her "I wanna sit him down on my lap and tickle him, his balls haven't even descended yet, how endearing is that?" *stabs self repeatedly* and stopped talking to me when I "dissed him". I stab? No. I still love her. And these posts, keep them coming x

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    Froggie: Yeah, the whole Usher thing is bad bad bad too. It really is time for that selective migration of awesome people to the next planet.

    Vinnie: Ah, its okay. I was depressed too.

    fettucinii: *makes a face*. Ew, and no no no! Do not give in to those evil clutches.

    Lilo: :O, what's this I hear about Liloism closing down? Woman, you'd best turn that sign back over. You just hijacked an important source of entertainment. Not cool, Lilo.
    Yeah, spellcheck is pissing me off, so I added Liloism to the my dictionary. There, no you better add it back on my list of entertainment.

    I swear, stupid little boy. He's out to turn out the best of them into molesters. It's jail bait, man! Heh.

  • Sheroug Says:

    "Justin Beiber, I dismiss you."
    Best line I've read about that fetus in a damn long time. Kudos :D

  • super-sonic Says:

    I second Sheroug. The day he disappeared of Twitter's trending topics should be an international holiday in celebration!

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    Sheroug - Haha, why thank you :)

    super-sonic - I don't do twitter, so I can't really empathize, but gosh that transvestite being a trending topic anywhere is eternal suffering!

  • Chick Flick Journal Says:

    LOL. This post cracked me up! His songs are so catchy though :p

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