A True Liberation.

Hello =)

I'm worried :/. 

Everything is falling! 

And no I don’t mean that in the "the whole world is going to end because I can’t live without him, and she backstabbed me, and they want my popularity and my heel snapped and my make up is ruined and I can't find anything to wear and the whole world is going to end just because " sense. 
*rolls eyes at the excess of melodrama and the fact that some people out there do use this when referring to the phrase ‘everything is falling’*. Oww, eyeball burn (?).

What I really mean is that everything is falling- literally! 
I think I have one of those accelerated aging hormones :S.

I swear, every time I shower, I shed hair like a dog! It just scares me :(. And every time I see the hair fall shampoo ads, I go and buy the shampoo, to find out its worse than the previous one. *Sigh*. The stupid things I do.

And my nails! They just grow too fast and chip off.
I tell ya! Everything is falling off!

Leaving my sad case of nails aside, but not the topic of nails - I shudder in disgust whenever I see a guy with a long ass pinkie nail, and the rest of his nails are nicely trimmed. It's nasty. 'Cause every time I see that nail, and it’s just that one nail, I imagine it being scratched across a chalkboard. *goosebumps*. Wow, overuse of 'nail' much? Meh.

Anyway. Way too much oversharing. The above is of zero relation to the actual post. So just forget about all that. Yes, yes, the nails, the hair and the hormones.

Below, are my thoughts on a matter that has intrigued me of the late. 
Hope it makes sense. 

Carpe Diem ;)


We exit, suspended in time and space. We occupy. We breathe.

That's what the human being is.

Yet the human being lives in his mind, not his heart. A mind composed of both the conscious and the subconscious. He lives in his consciousness, where his thoughts and feelings act as a silent guide.

His consciousness and subconcsiousness work together, side by side.

The consciousness in its acute sense of awareness, is where he is most alert.

The subconscious is where the rationality of things pales - a part of the mind yet unknown. It's where his memories recollect.

Together, they form the greatest optical illusion of all time. One that cannot be matched.

An illusion where his desires and realties combat. Where his ignorance sometimes prevails.Where his quest for his personal truth begins and ends. Where his affections arise. Where his morals, or lack of are engrained. Where his dreams float and his goals are formed. Where his ambitions are pursued, and his failures and sucesses are reflected upon. Where his affections grow.

It's his inner security.

It's his greatest prison.

Invisible bars that cage him in, allowing him to retreat in his shell, restricted to his own pleas and cravings. To select and bestow his affection to those 'special' few.

Its where his personal bias resides and nourishes. 


We all self indulge in our illusions. They make the world a prettier place. But pretty is nothing when compared to the purity of things. To the clarity and correctness which we overlook. A purity shielded by our perception.

To seek true freedom, is not to be legal. Nor to be accepted in society. Nor to be allowed to walk the earth as one pleases. Nor does it lie in being able to say what comes to mind.

No. True freedom lies in the liberation of the mind. It lies in stepping outside of the bars, penetrating the illusion and seeing our suspension in time and space as a whole - a chance to experience one's self with in a system. A system known to us as 'the universe'. A system of  which we are a part, but nothing without.

Agreed. Such freedom is asymptotic in its very nature. But we can get very close. 

6 Response to "A True Liberation."

  • super-sonic Says:

    Reading your thoughts reminds me of this rhetorical question. Reality is how we perceive things, and to each has his own perception, so whose to say what's real and what's not?

    ..Oh and when I see a pinkie nail I think booger digger.

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    Hmm. For me, reality is a constant, a defining constant at that. One's preception of it is different from another's- true. Yet, the reality itself is there. Solid and fixed. Because of our preception, of which we are great victims, we will never know reality. Some might see a clearer picture, but even them it will be tainted with personal prejudice. It exists. But man's eyes are simply too frail to see it.

    For now, there is my reality, your reality and billybob's reality. And thats all we have. Its the factual aspect of our life- standing observations, without any explanation. No one determines reality, for it is the occurence of things as they stand.

    And ew- booger digger! Now I'll have 2 disturbing images to think of everytime I
    see a long ass pinkie nail!

  • Mar8adoosh Says:

    hey there.. I wrote a post about the SAME thing.. my hair ! w kitabt akher shay some stuff that might help and so bagoolich lol:

    1. hair pills isimhum viviscal (i think thats the spelling) ma jarabthum bs people told me 3nhum ina theyr reaaally gd

    2. mesotherapy basawe on monday inshala (seen the effects on people and i must say wow)

    3. thoom (yes it stinks bas 3ajeeeeeb wiya zayt zayton shikhlee)

    4. zyoot and 7ina

    5. ........... pepe jamal ;$ haven't tried it and I'm kinda keeping it ka last resort lol

    Hope this helped

    Oh and I used to use tablets malot hair and nails isimhum perfectil bs kanaw ysawonle 3awar ba6in bs theyr gd
    Oh and I forgot the name bas ako mithil anboolat kint akserhum fehum vitamins WAYED zaynen.. adaawer 3al isimw agoolich cuz ga6ayt il bakaayt so ashtry yded w a36ech khaabr :D

    Hope I helped :D

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    Wow! You are a walking hair loss almanac! Haha!
    Don't worry, I have more than enough hair left, but I jusg heavily mourn the loss of each one of my curls. If it gets fatal I'lk know who to ask :)

    As for my nails- hopeless sad case, but I'll live. Not a nail polish person either way, so I wont be offending anything ;)

    Thank you for the advice just the same! You so own that corner!

  • frogman Says:

    don't you think that some bars are set their for a reason. Don't get me wrong, i completely agree with you.

    But i think that there should be some level of personal judgment as to which bars should be lifted, and which just pushed forward a bit.

    but on the whole, great topic, wonderful writing, and awesome blog.. :)

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    True. Some bars are meant to stay. Otherwise all sense of individuality would disappear. And we can't have that can we? Not that individuality isn't already dwindling :/

    And like I said, such freedom would never be reached, but it seems there is an excess of judgement clouding the natural occurrence of things.

    Thank you :) And I totally give you permission to bask in my awesomeness :P

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