Boredom, Amongst Other Things.

Is it just me, or is boredom the new swine flu?

I'm dead serious when I say that boredom is an epidemic as old as time.

It infects you slowly until you become an inert chunk of matter lying about.

So I guess you have, by now, concluded that I am overly bored.

I feel like a chicken nugget.

And the oil they fry the nuggets in, is the boredom.

So I'm frying in boredom.

Does that even make sense?

I fail to care at the moment.

It's not like I have nothing to do.No. I have shitloads on top of shitloads. In fact, if you collected all the shit at the zoo from all the animals and piled it up it would amount to no where near the pile of shitload I have to do.

And still I don't do them.

I procrastinate in buckets.

No not buckets - barrels. Giant big ass barrels.

Yeah, I'm just really bored. Did I mention that? Because if I didn't - well, I'm so friggin' bored, I could not only watch a Teletubbies episode, but show genuine interest AND overlook all the homosexual underplay.


But I will not, courtesy of the shred of sanity I am clutching on to.

Everything bores me.

And Puhleeze - wipe that ''ungrateful piece of meat' glare off your face, because if you made it this far into the post then I've got news for ya: you're just as goddman bored.

Yeah. Anyway. That was me exploring my boredomeness. I know, I know - not a real word.

Do I care?


Do you care?


P.S I'm on my phone. Excuse the retarded spaces out of no where. 

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  • Jester Says:

    hehe, the chicken nugget comparison was kind'of a reach.. :) but i love it..

    A certain J.Stewart heard of you.. and gave a shout out the other day.. enjoy..

  • Anonymous Says:

    I'd be frying in boredom as well, but I'm too cool for that. I'd rather roast in it, and maybe with a bit of spices? Scratch that. I don't need no cooking and i taste great without any added recipes.

    I have barrels of shitload to do as well, but i'd rather roast peacefully in boredom, then do anything. -.-

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    Jester -
    Yeah, about that. I sort of reached a state where things didn't really make sense, but chose to write them anyway. Boredom, you see, does that to best of people.

    AHAHAHAHA! Thank you - that just about made my day!!

    fettucinii -

    Please, we all fry in boredom at some point. Denial woman, is a very bad thing :p
    I would talk to you about the whole spices/roast /fry issue - but then I'd have to embarrass myself completely with my almost nonexitant culinary skills. In my self defense, I'm a good food critic, and I find that fettuccine always needs extra salt:P

    On another note, procrastination is the key - to what? I have no clue.

  • ❛❛Heroine❜❜ Says:

    You made me crave nuggets! At 6 AM! Bad, bad CD. Who's gonna drive me to McDonalds now, huh? Where all the rapists and.. night creatures indulge in their $1 cheeseburgers?
    On a totally different note though, a LOT and I mean a LOT of female bloggers who write love stories and crap ALWAYS mention how they eat McDonalds with their guys. Unhealthy bunch -.-

    Ok NOW back to the post. I think I pretty much showcased my boredom my going off on the most random tangent to date? Ohh yah, booyakasha. Ali G. He was good, way back when only British people acknowledged him. *sigh*

    People that pretend they're always busy are lying whores. Ohhhh and another thing I need to mention. When girls online say "I have a life" in response to all the "where'd you go"s. Yes, sorry we've been at your mercy while you were trolloping along living your so-called life. Pffft. I'm just angry cause I didn't get my chicken nuggets.

    The end.

  • super-sonic Says:

    LOOL .. it's sad really, cause I realized how I'm just as bored by wasting 3 minutes of my life reading through it. Oh and procrastination, I think you've met your match. c:

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    Haha. I'm sorry :(. It's okay, I'll ship some over to you presto. Dude, why are you worried about the rapists? Just give 'em some discount on your stash, and all shall be fine, just fine...

    As for the female bloggers and their obsession - 'A lot' is an understatement. It's Ronald. He always compels people to come over and make out at McDonalds. You know I always knew Ronald was a perverted sick little thing. I don't even know how he gets away with it?! I mean the guy literally sits with his legs crossed, all ready for the little kids to come and sit on his lap and no on suspects a thing! Someday somday...his time will come.
    Anyway, yeah I guess they do offer a very romantic air at McDonalds that maybe we're missing eh H? I mean I've always dreamed of sharing my meal with my superduperyummysexbomb boyfried under the comfort of the yellow M.*sighs at how much she is missing out*

    The world is full of lying whores. Msn, I will refrain from talking about I would need more than just a blog about people and their gay habits. Like the DND in the pm's or the Away sign. Why the hell'd you sign on if you're going to be away or put DND? That is beyond me.

    super-sonic -
    No no no. Boy, you got it all wrong -
    'Wasting minutes of your life' is when you started up your computer, and connected to the internet, and opened up to this page. When you started reading this however, it became 'efficient use of time'.

    But yeah, sucks to be bored. Really.
    If bored was a company, I would be a founding memeber.

  • ❛❛Heroine❜❜ Says:

    Ew, can you imagine all the sexcapades that go on in the play area at night? Yummy, way to get the right toy with that happy meal. Ka-ching!

    And no, no.. having all those are NOTHING compared to the people that have "Pissed off. Do not talk to me!!!!" - well, not coming online would be your best option dumb skank ...or "Za3LaaAaaNaa :'( :'(" - those just make me wanna buy a gun and BOOM BOOM POW (haha, I had to). You know once there was this girl in hs who used to sit around at the cafeteria, not in a hidden area, no in the center of the cafeteria, sulk and read her emo books. And if you approach her she'd spaz on your ass and say she doesn't wanna talk to anyone.

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    I can totally imagine all the sexcapades in the play area. I mean they have a whole place full of plastic multicolored balls (pun intended).

    As for Msn. I tell ya I have the whole shebang!

    "I kissed your lips, you made me fly"
    "Chuck Bass is my sex"
    "I cut myself open and I bleed. Ooo, red."

    "My love for you is like a solar panel, baby. Come back to me" (Well, now we know why the hell he fled)
    "R.I.P my love aka tuti the turtle."
    "These Niggas Keep Testin, Aint NO Hoe In Me. These Niggas Takin Shots, But Aint No Holes In Me ."

    My msn list is dire need of serious clean up. It goes all the way back to 2001.

    I mean some of these pm's make the facebook sign in page in arabic competely bearable.

    As for the emo girl in highschool :/
    But I bet you you'll always remember her forever and ever!
    You never now - bad case of A.S.S?

  • Anonymous Says:

    I've got to say that I can relate to this. A LOT.

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    Anonymous - Can't we all, really? :p

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