Maybe Is No Certainly.

Maybe you can bring me back, you say.

Maybe you can save my lost soul.

Maybe you can bring out that shy me.

Maybe you can please my inner child.

Maybe you can help my battered self.

Maybe you can restore my beliefs.

Maybe you can attempt to revive those parts I put six feet under.

Maybe you can make everything all well again.

Maybe you can aid me in getting through this, you assure me.

Maybe you can help me and I'll make it.

Maybe you can try your hardest.

Maybe you can let me dream again, you plead.

Maybe you can bring back my innocence.

Maybe you can dim the past.

Maybe you can open my eyes.

Maybe you can bring me back, you say yet again.

But then again, maybe you can't, I say at last.

Because 'Maybe' is no certainly.

'Maybe' is that hidden hope.

'Maybe' is for the children of tomorrow.

I believe in now.

'Cause that's all I have.

'Maybe' is no certainly.

And so 'Maybe' isn't for me.

11 Response to "Maybe Is No Certainly."

  • Anonymous Says:

    True,but then again there is no certainty in Anything we do...

    But that doesn't mean we should give up on 'maybe's now does it?

    There are very little 'definitely's out there, so maybe 'maybe' is all we've got...

  • ĐǻñĎõøðñ Says:

    but maybe needs that leap of faith that keeps us going, dont you think? ;)

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    desertpalms: Agreed. No certainty at all. But we have this moments certanity. And that's enough to accomplish many things.
    I was never a fan of maybe. It seems like such an empty promise. It is neither here, no there. Yet, maybe is the mother of all starting points. Maybe is just to vague at times, yet true, in the future it's all one has.
    Thanks for commenting :)

    ĐǻñĎõøðñ: First of all, I get confused ! I think there is two of you, or is it just me? sorry :(
    Anyway... I think it always comes back to how much faith you have and how strong your need/want to do something is. How much you think you're going to accomplish by leaping, and if leaping is worth what the outcome my be. True, no outcome is guaranteed. But one can partially deduce what will happen when the risk is taken. It also depends how you view things- if for you, the word is a set of extremes the possible and impossible, or if everything is maybe - an equivocal maybe.
    Thanks for commenting ,and wow, long much?

  • foryoursoul Says:

    i relate..
    maybe...i love it !

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    Thank you :). Guess we all can at some point!

  • frogman Says:

    "i believe in now" is the best thing i did for my life. i understand where you are coming from, but will agree with Dandoon that sometimes that leap must be taken..

    but maybe part of living in now is deciding that Now is the time to leap..

    very nicely written..

  • Anonymous Says:

    OHMAGAWD!!!!!!! :O


  • Cooookies Says:

    Its clear.. maybe "maybe" is not enough..

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    Froggie: Thanks :) Yeah, I think that is the best thing I did for my life too. I live for now, and nothing more. Like I told Dandoon, it all depends on how you look at life. True, sometimes you need to leap, but it all depends on how much you want to risk and how much you will get back.
    And for sure, now is the only time you had to leap, jump, run. Just now.

    Slouchypants. Hmm :( I have no idea :/. Doesnt show up on my gmail either! Type it again?
    You're back? Yes?

    Cooookies: wow, haha so many o's. Anyway. Yeah, for me, at the minute, maybe isn't nearly enought.

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    Just Another Blogger: Thank you :)

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