A Native Tongue.

Yes, its been a while.

But I really have been busy.


Carpe Diem



"One loves with their heart," he proclaimed."Give me your heart and I'll give you mine."

A layer of silence settled down and thickened. Nothing was said. Yet, she spoke in a native tongue - that of silence.

One loves with their heart?

The vital organ of life - that heart?

Give me your heart and I'll give you mine...

That heart serves only one purpose - that of keeping your temporary body alive. A body that acts as a medium in which we 'live'.

That heart is not really mine.

How can I give you something I do not own?

The only thing anyone really owns is their soul.

Still, what if you love someone with your heart, then when you no longer ‘live’, does that mean you no longer love them?

What if you give someone your heart, and they 'break' it, do you die?

What if you want your heart back, but I want to keep it forever? What then? Do you die as well?

What if my heart has a mind of its own, and doesn't want to come back to me? Do I die?

But if its not this literal, then what heart do you figuratively refer to?

What, then, do you really give someone you love?




Yet, emotions, grow, change, shrink, fade and disappear.

Promises eventually become empty words.

And hope is scarce and indefinite- a glimpse of what could be.

So when we speak of the heart do we refer to the design that we've subconsciously sketched and associate with compassion? Are we talking about that 'heart'?

Where is this 'heart'?

Is it palpable?

Is it active?

Is it warm?

Do I have one?

Oh 'heart' of mine, do you hear me?

Everyone has a heart. But does everyone have a 'heart'?

In the same way, not everyone has compassion.

Am I compassionate?

Do I deserve compassion?

Then again, if you loved someone with your soul - does it last forever?

It can't be eternal? Can it?

Surely the need to strive forward will cancel its perpetual state.

Does a soul have a 'heart'?

Is that where you are, oh 'heart'?

How do you love with your soul?

Do you give your soul?

But my soul is me.

I can't give you me.

I can only give myself me.

But she spoke in a native tongue- that of silence.

Heed the silence and its message, he did not.

Hear its whisper, he could not.

Thus, he waited.

And she finally replied: "I'm afraid I can't take your heart: I don't have space enough for two. I can't give you my own for I've yet to find what that really is."

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  • ❛❛Heroine❜❜ Says:

    That was really, really good! It's funny how all these thoughts go through your head and yet somehow we seem to find the simplest answer. You really are the smart one. "Smart one, huh?" you say. Yes, smart one. We need a communicating session, we have quite the proposition for you. Nothing dirty, no prostitution or anything of the sort. Maybe some private escorting, but that's different. Anyhow, we have a proposition for you. The end!

  • Madame Vulgahtits Says:

    Oh yeah, you definitely ARE the smart one.

    Lilo's the nice one.

    And Heroine and I are whores.

    *sighs* we're going to be the BESTEST BESTFRIENDS EVER! You know my e-mail, add me, we need to discuss our proposition.

    Oh and you have no idea how this spoke to me! hell, it's like you wrote down my thoughts, only yours are much nicer and smarter :P

    (It's SlouchyPants btw.. the new name is associated with our proposition :P)

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    ❛❛Heroine❜❜: I say , long time no see. Not that we actually see each other, but you know what I mean.
    Hmm. I'm glad you like. Took me a while to peice it together and find that answer though. I guess this blog is my quest for simplicity amongst my complex retardation, yeah?

    I'm the smart one... if you think so.. why not?

    Proposition! OOOOOOO. Do tell. *jumps up and down and wiggles all around!*

    Communications session... ooo please expand.

    "Nothing dirty, no prostitution or anything of the sort." Not even a little bit? *puppy face*?

    Well you tell me about this proposition...the end! :)

    I am seriously excited... I swear!

    Madame Vulgahtits - Ooo. All sorts of thoughts are going through my head at this new name Slouchy...

    I do mourn 'Slouchypants' it was forever epic.
    Oh, you think I'm smart too. I'm elated, really.
    Overly flatterd too. My ego is breaking it, right now.
    *Nods*. Can't get nicer than Lilo :)

    You and Heroine are the whores. Okay. I've always found whores fascinating anyway.

    Yes. I'll bet we are going to the be BESTEST BESTFRIENDS EVER and FOREVER.

    Thank you. I think your thoughts are just as nice. They never fail to make me laugh.

    I really can't wait for this proposition!

  • ĐǻñĎõøðñ Says:


    that was really something! =)

    me loved it ;*

  • Madame Dotdotdot Says:

    Aah! Haven't commented in a while, I miss :( Stupid phone.

    I loved this post *sigh* really good. You have a unique way of verbalizing your thoughts, I really admire it *tuff tuff* superstition and what not, I'm afraid of i7siding you :(

    You guys are <3 my sister thinks I'm brainwashing you all into thinking I'm nice.. I'm not. I just like you guys -.- Oh btw, tis Lilo! Dotdotdot is my temporary name.

  • Carpr Diem Says:

    Dandoon- Thank you :) it loves you just as much.
    Madame Dotdotdot aka Lilo aka the nice one ;) - yes, it has been a while since you've commented, I miss toooo! But I can completely empathize withthe phone issue. It makes men almost seem like the lesser of the two evils.
    Thank you, I is much flattered.

    LOL at the * tuff tuff*. You are the <3 too. And you are nice!
    Loving the new name.

  • Âme Says:

    She was not yet ready to take what he was offering.

    He was offering his love and she is still confused.

    I guess it was a good answer what she gave for both of them, in some way.

    ~ Soul

  • Carpe Diem Says:

    She wasn't ready at all. She didn't know what he was offering - its significance at least and thus she couldn't comprehend the way things were supposed to play out...

    Sad, her answer. But for the best...

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